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FROZZO – A premium range of “Ready to Fry” and “Ready to Cook” food segments. Frozzo is a combination of delicious Frozen snacks and premium Frozen Vegetables. It comes with an authentic taste of Indian spices blended with fresh frozen vegetables, coming directly from our farms to your freezer. It is the promise of freshness with goodness that will drive you into the dimensions of something nutritive and delectable.

Get Your Tummy

Cheese Corn Nuggets

Our chesse corn Nuggets are the perfect crunchy, cheesy treat!

Get our best treat from our frozen snacks list.

Chilli Garlic Nuggets

Our Chilli Garlic Nuggets are perfect bites Frozen snacks which gives you a perfect punch of red chilli and aromatic garlic.

Crispy Aloo Tikki

Our Veg burger Aloo Tikki is fluffy and soft, made with goodness of Indian spices and potato. The best frozen snacks for your party snacks menu.

Flaky French Fries

Our French fries are a perfect appetizer when you crave for some crispy, salty savory. Our french fries are the best frozen snacks for your home parties. 

Hara-Bhara Kabab

Hara-Bhara Kabab is filled with all the goodness of Indian spices, vegetables, and nuts. A best Indian Frozen snacks for your party snacks list.

Crunchy Veggie Stix

Our veggie stix are crunchy and full of flavor, making them the perfect snack to satisfy your cravings. A tasty frozen snacks option for your kids birthday party food snack list.

Zingy Veggie Patty

Our Veg burger Patty is an ultimate source of tasty and authentic food and snack for you. A good Frozen snacks option for your flavored packed snacks item list.

Dilli Veg Chaap

A unique protein-rich frozen snacks made with soya. Best meat substitute for Vegeterians & Vegans. 

This is how YOU can get your

Frozen Snacks Ready

Take the frozen snacks from the freezer, do not thaw and follow one of the frying ways to get your frozen snacks ready to eat and the serve it with tempting chutney.

Shallow Fry

Place the frozen snacks in a pan and shallow fry it from both the sides till frozen snacks looks crispier and gives golden brown color.

Deep Fry

Place the frozen snacks in the hot oil and deep fry frozen snacks to get the crispier texture and fry them till the light golden brown colour appears.